Aerial Cinematography

Need high quality Aerial Video? Look no further than BelieveCam. We are here to help with everything from consultation to content-production. FAA-Licensed & Certified, specializing in action sports, difficult subjects and custom solutions, we aim to challenge the limits of drone videography. 


Event coverage

Let us tell the story of your social or sporting event from a mix of incredible vantage points. Leverage drone technology to showcase event attendance, capture exciting perspectives, and create content that drives interaction with your customer. 

For everything from weddings and concerts to international off-road races, we have the equipment and experience to get your shot.

Branded Content

Keep your brand at the forefront of your customers mind and engage with them on topics they are passionate about. Branded content can help your company, team or event reach a greater audience and be leveraged on social media to increase presence.

Creative videos, actions-sports edits, tutorials, reviews and team introductions are just a few of the ways we can help connect your brand with an audience.

Live Streaming

Society is evolving to expect content faster and faster, combine this with priority in the algorithms of the popular social sites and you have a powerful case for incorporating live streaming into your event. We offer a variety of perspectives and resolutions for any situation, to the left is a selection of the video streamed live during the broadcast of the SCORE International Baja 500

High Performance Applications

With our purpose-built custom lineup of multirotors we are able to effectively film an unprecedented variety of dynamic and high-speed action. Mind-boggling camera motion is just the beginning; With gimbal stabilized platforms capable of 100mph and racing drones at 120mph+ your footage will be able to convey the sensation of speed like never before.

Micro Drone Platforms

The BelieveCam fleet of micro drones are our flying outreach program. Capable of weaving through crowds of partygoers with no risk whatsoever, our micro platforms with a talented pilot are capable of delivering angles never seen before. With different power levels and output resolutions depending on your specific needs we can tailor a micro drone solution to any occasion.


Photo by Ingrid_Hendriksen/iStock / Getty Images

Real Estate

From Aerial Video and virtual tours to 360* walkthroughs and video marketing we can help you showcase your properties in the best light possible.

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From inspections, to surveying to mapping, get in touch with us today to learn how we can save you money and increase safety and productivity


Keep an eye on your valuable crop from above with the help of our aerial equipment. Reach out to learn more about services from Infrared to aerial mapping